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We’re back in business!

Hi, with the latest COVID-19 restrictions being lifted we can now re-open the studio and get our clients once again on our reformers.

Starting this Saturday, Reformer Pilates sessions are available.

We still have to maintain social distancing, so to this end, I have moved the reformers further apart to maintain 4square meters around each client. I ask that all clients book in as I can only have a maximum of 6 clients at a time. If you have difficulty booking, please contact me and I’ll get you in.

For those clients who like set sessions per week, let me know and I’ll book you in advance so no one misses out. I will also reinstate your packages from March, again if you have difficulty using your package, call me and I’ll get you booked in, remember it may not show on the app.

I’m looking forward to catching up with all my clients and moving forward in 2020.



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