The Wunda Chair is a great addition to your Pilates repertoire, as it is a very functional apparatus. The Wunda Chair is useful for a wide variety of clients, including pre-natal clients, beginner, intermediate and advanced clients, athletes, sport enthusiasts, and clients who require rehabilitation.

You will learn over 30 Pilates Wunda Chair exercises. You will also learn how to modify the exercises for spinal problems, posture, core stability, muscle imbalances and muscle recruitment/activation. With this course and our mentoring program, you will have the skills to use Pilates Wunda Chairs with individual clients for both rehab and toning, and also instruct Pilates Reformer class in a large group setting

You will be assessed as to your understanding of the Wunda Chair, how it operates on the body and your ability to program a Pilates session.

This is a one day course. There will be practical demonstrations of each exercise, and group assessments.

A manual will be posted or emailed to you prior to the course.

$350 inc G.S.T.

Dates for the Wunda Chair Course

29th May 2022



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