The Pilates Domain

THE PILATES DOMAIN cultivates an inclusive and comfortable workout environment in which you can build lean, toned muscles and change your body from the inside out.

Our unique approach is suited to EVERYBODY! Any age, shape, weight, injury or fitness level. Get strong, toned, lean and balanced, without aggravating injuries or strenuous exercise methods.

Since 2010, THE PILATES DOMAIN has been helping a larger sector of the community attain the numerous benefits Pilates offers.



Your Local Experts

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Head Pilates Instructor

Pilates, was first introduced to Aussie by the relief his wife experienced through her workouts for an on going spinal injury, Aussie was so impressed he became an accredited instructor. This has given Aussie an opportunity to help a wider sector of people, whether it be fine tuning athletes, Women who wish to maintain good muscle tone/pelvic floor for pregnancy and post pregnancy , toning classes, recovery and strengthening after illness and injury, or taking your body to the next level, anything is possible!



Pilates Instructor

Krystle has been a regular at the Pilates Domain and has made Pilates her passion.

She is now a Fully Qualified Pilates instructor and Personal Trainer.

Krystle is highly committed to each individual and their needs, with a dedicated passion for passing on as much knowledge as possible through her class instruction. Winda teaches clients to develop proper breathing patterns and techniques to ensure the effectiveness of each and every movement. In this way, she can assist you on tightening your core, flexibility, balance, mental wellness, and strength.